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Everyone loves a holiday! As parents we look for opportunities to travel with our kids to experience the world, to visit family and friends or perhaps just organise a quick getaway to enjoy some quality family time together. We then think about the journey and start to plan how we will entertain the kids as travelling with kids can sometimes be challenging. Off we go to the shops to look for products that will keep our kids busy and quiet. Yes Apps on devices are great babysitters but we all need to admit that we would love our kids to have less ‘screen time’.
Having worked in education and learning & development for over 15 years I like activity books and products that stimulate learning and creativity. I would go to speciality stores to look for fun, educational activity books and products that would entertain our daughter. This would take time and I'm sure you would agree, who has time to run from shop to shop looking for things to take away on holiday!
My goal with ZuperKit is to provide a one-stop-shop for parents to go and buy products that stimulate learning and creativity, involve some problem solving and entertain kids when out and about. The activity books and products you will find at ZuperKit are not your average colouring-in and sticker books that you can find in any store. We pride ourselves on offering books and products from reputable companies around the world. Our favourite brands are Usborne, Melissa & Doug, Galt, The Lonely Planet for Kids, Bloomsbury and Priddy Books. We love these premium brands as they have teams of creative writers/editors and encourage creativity and learning through play.

At ZuperKit you will find ready-made packs that contain fun, entertaining activities for different learning stages (3-5 years & 5-7 years),  boys and girls.  If some of the products in the ready-made kits are not what you’re looking for you can 'build your own' unique, personalised travel kit by selecting different products in the 'Build Your Own Kit' page. We know and totally understand that chidren are different and unique in their own special way and we want to provide you with various options to engage and stimulate your kids on your next holiday.

I hope you love your ZuperKit as much as we do. 

Happy and safe travelling!

Heidi Madden xx

Live Love Travel


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