The Story behind ZuperKit

The Story behind ZuperKit

Once upon a time a family of three who loved to travel came up with an idea to create travel kits for kids. Mr and Mrs Madden enjoyed travelling with their young daughter and before each holiday Mrs Madden would go on a shopping spree to source quality, interactive activity books and other fun kids games and kids products for their daughter to do whilst travelling.  Yes their daughter had devices to play with however, like most parents, Mr and Mrs Madden preferred their daughter to play less on the device and engage more in other activities that stimulated learning, creativity and family fun…

As a working mum I found it time consuming going to so many different stores to buy quality activity books, games and products for our daughter.  Whether you’re a stay at home parent or working full time we all seem to be ‘time poor’.  I recognised that there was a gap in the market for travelling families and I thought to myself “How good would it be to be have an online store where you could go and buy ready-made travel kits for kids? A store that would take the stress away for parents in looking around for things to keep their kids occupied on their next holiday”.  This is how ZuperKit was born. Our goal is to provide premium, quality products not cheap colouring books that you could easily buy anywhere. We tried and tested many different activity books, games and products and found the brands Usborne, Melissa & Doug and Lonely Planet for Kids were favourites as they provided educational, stimulating activities that engaged our daughter for hours. The products didn’t fall apart and could be used on various trips be it in the car, on the plane, in a restaurant or even by the hotel pool.

At ZuperKit we passionately research, test through experience and then hand select all our products. We identified different age groups for the activity books, games and products and developed the two age group ready-made packs. The 3-5 year old ZuperKit pack includes interactive activity books, games and products that assist with handwriting skills, counting (dot-to-dots), and stickers to engage imaginative play and creativity. The 5-7 year old ZuperKit pack includes a Scratch Art book where kids can personalise and create their own unique artwork, mess-free glitter stickers and dressing-up stickers to bring characters to life, and a book full of puzzles that will challenge and stimulate anyone for hours. Kids can do these puzzles on their own or the whole family can join in.

We know that each child is unique so we didn’t want to just offer ready-made packs and thought it would be good to offer different quality products so people can ‘build their own’ kit.  Kids may have their own favourite backpack so parents can come to ZuperKit and select interactive activity books, games and products that will appeal to their chid.  Our goal is to offer fun activity books, games and products for all ages from 3 years and upwards.  We know that older kids aren’t into sticker books and recognised they would find the ‘Lonely Planet for Kids’ books interesting and will challenge themselves with the Usborne Brain Teaser and Puzzle Books.  You can have fun with your older kids as you try to solve the puzzles together.

The activity books, games and products you will find at ZuperKit are not only great for travelling. Whenever we go to dinner we take one of the books with us to keep our daughter entertained and to have as an alternative to the device. When our daughter goes to her grandparents’ house to stay we pack some activity books to help keep her busy (plus it’s nice to see my mum and dad get involved with the activities too).  What is important for us is to offer fun activities for kids to do when they’re on the move.  Our daughter always looks forward to her new activity books and interactive kids games before every holiday and we wanted to extend this excitement to all kids and families (along with some peace and quiet for parents).  Let’s face it, we all know it can be challenging, at times, travelling with kids.  

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