Reconnect Your Mind and Body

Reconnect Your Mind and Body

Our job as a parent never stops. We require endless amounts of energy to focus on our children’s health, education, entertainment and general wellbeing. Whether our kids are at school, preschool or at home there are so many things we need to do in a day that we often wonder where the hours go. I don’t know about you but the school hours go so quickly when you’re working, preparing meals, shopping for groceries, cleaning and oh the list goes on…not to mention after school/afternoon activities and parents’ time together!  My friends used to ask me how I juggled full-time work and our daughter and it’s weird how you just manage to do it. Looking after our daughter is never a job, it is the time I have fun, be silly, and engage in learning activities that ignite new energy after a long day at work. The best part of my day was coming home and picking up our daughter from preschool or school so that we could do her homework, play with our dog, swim or take a walk.  This didn’t mean that I wasn’t tired. I mean let’s face it, us parents are expected to be go-go all the time!

To help us have the energy to ‘be there’ for our kids we need to remember to find time to focus on our health and wellbeing too. I now schedule 60-90 minutes in my day to reconnect my mind and body.  I either do this on my own or with my family. Taking a morning walk with our dog helps me open my mind in the fresh air and refocus on my goals. It is amazing how time out of the office can stimulate creative ideas. Afternoon walks with our daughter or weekend walks as a family is a great time to reconnect with each other. I also make sure I have time on my own to reconnect my mind and body. I recently started Barre classes which have been absolutely wonderful. It is great to stretch, tone and strengthen my muscles again.  I currently do classes two days a week and this has made a difference in my general wellbeing. I have more energy and appreciate that I am dedicating time to focus on myself.

Whatever exercise you love to do, it is important to find the time to do it.  If you find it difficult to motivate yourself to exercise ask a friend to join you.  Make a commitment to find some ‘YOU’ time so you will have the energy it requires to be a parent! Find time to reconnect YOUR BODY and YOUR MIND!

If you’re interested in starting Barre as a form of exercise here are some details on where I go. Alicia and her team on the Gold Coast are fabulous:

Aleenta BarreMermaid Waters

Alicia Harvie is a contemporary dancer and performance maker, Aleenta Barre Studio Owner and Head of the Barre Instructor Training School.

She has dedicated 13-years, two Bachelor Degrees, a Diploma in Pilates therapy, a Cert 4 in Training and Assessment to my love of movement, having fun exercising with friends, the reward of feeling strong, reaching goals, and helping others do the same.

About Aleenta Barre

Blending ballet techniques with fitness, yoga stretched, Pilates core work, it is a different and effective way to workout. Aleenta BARRE is not about dancing and coordination - it’s about mental perseverance, reconnecting your mind, toning and strengthening your body. A favourite amongst Victoria’s Secret models, and the most popular and effective workout across the US and UK, this exercise delivers an all-body low impact workout whilst also reinvigorating the mind. Whether you choose to take a barre class before work to begin the day on a positive and peaceful note, or wish to relax and unwind after a busy day, we have barre classes to suit everybody.


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