Educate and engage your kids on your next overseas holiday

Educate and engage your kids on your next overseas holiday

Getting kids excited about their upcoming holiday is always a fun family discussion.  I mean why do we travel to different countries around the world?  We all love to experience the different cultures, try the various cuisines, enjoy the beautiful surroundings and the list goes on...

Every country is unique and our experiences in these countries will all be different.  The Lonely Planet "Kids Travel Book" is a great way to engage and educate your kids on the countries you will be visiting on your next holiday.  

The Kids Travel Book covers every country in the the world! Each page offers interesting facts on how people live, their food and culture, national festivals plus a few quirky insights on the country. Kids will love reading about where they will be visiting and what experiences they may encounter on their holiday.  Planning the itinerary and activities together as a family can result in fabulous conversations about what everyone would like to see, do and feel on their holiday.  

The great thing about this book is that you will enjoy it for years to come as you explore possible holiday destinations. Enjoy this read and have fun as you start to plan your next holiday!

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