Embrace Creative Play

Embrace Creative Play

The wonders of imagination are always seen in kids. Their innovative ideas, pretend play and creative thought needs to be embraced more in this technological world. It is time to go back to the basics of colouring, drawing, writing, sticking and creating masterpieces...all the things we loved to do as kids! Bring back the sticker books, the fun dot-to-dot drawings and mazes. Re-live some of our childhood memories as we engage with our children in completing brain teasers, colouring pictures and laughing in the good old game of Snap. Healthy competition is always a fun way to spend some quality time with our kids. Dress up in crazy costumes and role-play different scenes to encourage imagination. We can do these things as parents as we have our children as the perfect excuse. Let's devote some 'device-free' time in our week. It is time to be silly again and enjoy what life has to offer...love, laughter and happiness in the good old activities we all enjoyed years ago as kids! 

Work often dictates how much time we have for these fun activities. So make a commitment and on your next holiday take the time to be 'present' with your kids. Take the time to draw, colour, stick and create silly characters. Take the time to enjoy the 'essence' of being a kid and being a parent.


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