Device free holiday!

Device free holiday!

Being connected to the internet is a common expectation these days. We rely on the internet to connect with people, our kids love the internet to play games.  There will come a time when you will be on holiday where there is limited or no internet!  Before any holiday investigate if there will be internet connection and think about why is it important for you to have it.  Will a device free holiday be that bad?  The times where there will be limited or even no internet is when you are on an amazing tour in let’s say Africa or maybe Vietnam, or perhaps you’re on a Cruise where the internet connection is sooo expensive that you don’t really want to waste your money unless it is absolutely urgent.  Think about times when you may be exploring beautiful hiking tracks, and you find the ideal camping spot and then your kids ask to play on a device because they are so tired from walking that you realise, uh oh, there is no internet connection here! Even though YOU may have begun to embrace the solitude no internet for the kids can mean disaster and constant whining.

If you’re going on a remote holiday to a country with limited internet connection, or perhaps spending time away from the city at the beach, in the country-side or wilderness make sure you pack different activity books for your kids. Sticker books, colouring-in books, puzzle books etc. can keep your kids entertained for hours.  Find a book on the area and look for wildlife, plants and other things you may expect to find in the area. Take some plain paper and ask your kids to draw what they see. Use your device in different ways, obviously photos, but why not record sounds that you hear too.  Ask your kids to be silent and list all the things they can hear, ask them what they can smell. Little things like this help us appreciate the amazing world we live in and help us create fabulous memories of our holiday through all our senses.


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